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Trump/Back the Blue Rallies, Convoys

Trump/Back the Blue Rally that started dozens in the Pioneer Valley news 5/1/2020 Click to View
Videos: All Trump Rallies, live Streaming - Right Side Broadcasting Network 10/28/2020 Click to View
Trump Convoy surrounds Biden-Harris bus, San Antonio, Texas 10/31/2020 Click to View
Trump Convoy, Rally, West Springfield, Massachusetts 10/31/2020 Click to View
Boat parade Cocoa Beach Florida, 2021 12/25/2021 Click to View
Trump Convoys, Rallies Sarasota, California 10/27/2020 Click to View
Orlando - Trump supporters crash Kamala Harris event - Trigger Time! 10/19/2020 Click to View
St. Petersburg, Fla. - Trump supporter crashes Peter->BUTTigieg event 10/29/2020 Click to View
Trump Convoy, Rally, S. Deerfield, Mass. 10/17/2020 Click to View
Trumptillas, Massive Boat Rallies from Massachusetts to Florida 10/20/2020 Click to View
Cubans for Trump Caravan, Miami 9/13/2020 Click to View
Trump/BtB Rally, Hadley, Mass., drone footage by Sean 9/12/2020 Click to View
Trump/BtB Rally, South Hadley, Mass., Mt. Holyoke College of Useful Idiots 9/7/2020 Click to View
AG Barr's motorcade sees a Back the Blue rally, stops 8/6/2020 Click to View
MAGA Hats, Very Powerful! 10/27/2020 Click to View

Voting for Trump 2020

Meet The Black �Trumpsters� Who Helped Fire Up Minority Voters In 2020 12/26/2020 Click to View
After AOC's boycott spiked Goya Food's sales, CEO names her 'Employee of the Month' 12/10/2020 Click to View
Black Lives MAGA Democratic Plantation understood and explained 1/16/2020 Click to View
BET Founder: Warns Black Voters about Voting Democratic [P] 11/16/2020 Click to View
Tucker: A vote for Trump is a Vote Against them 11/2/2020 Click to View
What a Dem-Controlled Presidency & Congress Means for America - L. Higgins, IFI story 11/2/2020 Listen to MP3
Trump on CNN in 1987. Almost prophetic! 9/2/2020 Click to View
Trump Second Term Goals 11/2/2020 Click to View
Vegas Oddsmaker Announces Final Prediction: Trump Electoral Landslide Coming [P] 11/1/2020 Click to View
Democrats: Walk Away from the Chaos! 9/28/2020 Click to View
Derek Hunter - How I Went From 'Trump Skeptic' to 'Trump Fan' [P] 11/1/2020 Click to View
Dan Crenshaw - Best Political Ad Ever! 9/24/2020 Click to View
31% of Black Voters Intend to Cast Their Vote for President Trump [PDF] 10/29/2020 Click to Read
Young Black Americans for Trump 9/14/2020 Click to View
Come, I'll_Lie Harris - What a piece of work 10/12/2020 Click to View
I was voting for Biden but this changed my mind to Trump 10/28/2020 Click to View
Tom Klingenstein - Providential, Courage. It's not like a revolution, it IS a revolution 10/14/2020 Click to View
Tucker and Candace Owens pile on Cardi B 9/8/2020 Click to View
Trump on Mail-in Ballots - He never said to "vote twice" 9/2/2020 Click to View
Voting Policy, not Personality 10/21/2020 Click to View
Jon Voight - Do or Die 8/4/2020 Click to View

Church Involvement

Father Ed Meeks - on why Christians should never vote Democratic 8/26/2020 Click to Read
Pro-life Nuns for Trump 8/26/2020 Click to Read
Pastor Mark Burns speaks - Majority of Blacks are conservative! 8/19/2020 Click to View
Election Day Sermon 10/18/2020 Click to View

Biden-Harris and other bumbling, hypocritical, demented, lying Democrat Marxists

How the DEMOCRATS Rig Elections and Commit Voter Fraud 10/29/2020 Click to View
Meet Joe Biden Supporters 9/5/2020 Click to View
Tucker - Kamala Harris Lies and mis-use of her Attorney General Powers 8/6/2020 Click to View
Biden, Gary Peters Support Men in Women's Sports 9/19/2020 Click to View
Creepy! - Sleepy Joe came out of hiding to trick or treat 10/30/2020 Click to View
Conservative Mama: - Lady Gaga's "I'm voting for ... America" 11/3/2020 Click to View
Mumbles Biden - many of Joe's incoherent ramblings - Let's Get Ready to MUMBLE!!! 7/29/2020 Click to View
Pelosi Endorses Biden 9/19/2020 Click to View
Democratic pipe dreams, touchy-feely 8/21/2020 Click to View
Democrats on SCOTUS Nominations in an Election Year 9/21/2020 Click to View
Come, I'll_Lie Harris - What a piece of work 10/12/2020 Click to View
Another �sane� reaction to RBG�s death 9/19/2020 Click to View
2009, Chuck U. Schumer made sense, then 1/29/2018 Click to View
Biden Builds it Better 9/20/2020 Click to View

TDS - Trump Derangement Syndrome

Biden fan gets instant justice 11/16/2020 Click to View


This .. is BLM/Antifa - Their Fascist reaction after a successful Trump Rally in D.C. 11/14/2020 Click to View
BLM reality: the numbers don't see color 10/24/2020 Click to View
Black Lives Matter, the Founding - Deep into BLM 10/28/2020 Click to View
More proof that BLM and LGBTQ tightly linked 7/31/2020 Click to View
Dinesh Desousa on the reality of violence and the Left's agenda 7/30/2020 Click to View
BLM event with no black people, ony Useful Idiots (often the case) 7/27/2020 Click to View
BLM Homosexuals, Baby Killers 10/28/2020 Click to View
Unborn Black Lives Matter - Planned Parenthood , their knees on the necks of black babies 8/23/2020 Click to View
BLM doesn't care about blacks. To wit: Baltimore 8/17/2020 Click to View
Montage of "peaceful protests" 7/28/2020 Click to View
BLM stopping cars at gunpoint 8/9/2020 Click to View
Mental topless tranny harasses police. This is who they are 6/30/2020 Click to View
Black Lives Matter - Blasphemy 9/6/2020 Click to View
BLM Murals 10/27/2020 Click to View