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Let's Get Ready to MUMBLLLLEE!!!
(Patience while the multitudes load, 30 seconds+)

My waste is a terrible thing to mind

Biden just talked to French President Mitterrand, who's been dead for 30 years:

Still drinking too many Bud Lites

He has him mind going. What'd I say, Rolling Stone?

Russian gurglearcks

.... President Harris ....

�More than half the women in my cabinet are women.�

Someone needs calibration:

Dork from Ork:

Starship Enterprise Time travels back to the year 2020

President Clump!

What just happened?

Say what??

"to terminate the presidency .."

Reading the teleprompter and STILL gets it wrong

What did I do 3 seconds ago?

Ahem, and again I say, ahem:

Duh, which way do I go, duh which way do I go ...

And then there's the coat ...

Joe Biden Is Actually a Mean, Old Man When the Cameras Go Off. He's Sucking Right Now, So I Can See Why [P]

Biden refers to VP Kamala Harris as 'first lady'

Biden's Remarks at 'Equal Pay' Event Were a Gaffe-Filled Dumpster Fire [P]

Biden all-in for Iran

Tell us a secret, Uncle Joe

Filibuster? More like Joey's Busted

Biden reads "end of quote" from teleprompter


Wait ... what??

I'll never forget old what's his name ...

Women in the military: Body armor that fits them properly (sizes A through Double D), tailoring combat uniforms (gotta look good, like Chinese military), Maternity Flights Suits (Joe, does that mean no abortions?), hair style updates:

The gift that keeps on giving!

The latest episode of incoherent speech comes on the heels of several recent slip-ups renewing fresh concerns about the former vice president’s age and ability to effectively take the reins of the White House.

Two days later on Oct. 26, Biden called his running mate’s husband, Doug Emhoff, “Kamala’s wife.”

On Sunday, Biden confused President Donald Trump with former President George W. Bush.

Earlier this month, the presidential candidate called himself a candidate for the Senate around the same time that he confused his November opponent with Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, who ran for president in 2012.

Biden meanwhile, has repeatedly called “lids” on campaigning throughout the month, including a 72-hour lid in the run-up to the second and final presidential debate, keeping the 77-year-old out of the public eye as Trump continues an aggressive campaign schedule around the country. The lid strategy has also shielded Biden from answering tough questions on recent scandals surrounding his family’s business ventures.

Keep up with Biden’s worst slip-ups here.

Oh, I see ...

If Biden was a cop ....

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