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Lake Shore Railway Museum in North East, PA | Map of location

Live Stream, looking West:

Live Stream, looking East:
Hint: Use pop-out option on both screens, with the West to the right and match the rails with the East to the left. If they are out of sync, briefly Pause the one that's ahead and try to get them in sync. Note the time stamp in the upper left of each screen. The freight trains (see screen shot) will average 110-140 cars, with an rare 180+ cars, and if the videos are in sync, the trains' cars pass seamlessly between the screens as each goes by, with sound, too!
The Lake Shore Limited (see screen shot) coming out of Erie heading east goes flying by at 7:36 a.m. (if on time) from West to East (right to left if the 2 videos are matched end to end). It's usually 10-11 cars, fast.

The 448 (or any train) status can be checked here at Amtrak's website for on-time, disruptions or delays.

Set Cookies preference: "Allow All" or, "Customize Settings," turn Off the 3 options then "Confirm My Choice"

Click 'Train Status' in upper right, then from the 'Search By' drop-down in upper left, change from 'Station' to 'Train Number,' enter 448 and BOS for Station and click the Check Status button.
If there are delays, then periodically click the 'Refresh' link in upper right to get the lastest information.

The holy grail of North East, PA train videos: A rare Freight train of 207 cars, granted, many are empty container cars, but 200+ nevertheless, AND, the 448 Lake Shore passing on track one:
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The 448 headed East, doing 70+ MPH
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Perfect timing: Freight train and the 448:
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Freight train heading west. At 1:40 mark, the 448 Lake Shore Limited passes on the second track
(Screens synced up after a few cars go by)
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Listen to railroad audio in the Erie area

Watch the trains passing Lake Shore Railway Museum. These live cameras looks over CSX and Norfolk Southern mainlines at our museum in North East, Pennsylvania.
40+ trains pass the museum a day.

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