specializes in the Maintenance of your PCs. Fortunately, once a Network is up and running, only occassional Preventative Maintenance is required. To further reduce your costs, Remote Access is frequently used to connect into your Network.
Let PC Voyage:
  • Evaluate your needs
  • Recommend procedures
    • To protect your valuable data
    • To get the most efficient use of your hardware and software
    • Educate your employees to be an intregral part of implementing these procedures
Technical Support Services include the following:
  • Client Machines
    • Backup of Data
      • Local Backups
      • Off-site Backups
    • Removal of and Recovery from Computer Virus Infection
    • Optimize performance of the PCs
      • Clear out old and unused files
      • Error Checking
      • Defragmenting Hard Drives
    • Installation & Update of Anti-Virus software
    • Share Hardware Devices and Data across the Network
  • Download and Installation of various Driver files for
    • Printers
    • Video Adapters
    • Network Adapters
  • Provide support as needed to best utilize existing Computers, Network and Internet connection
  • Work with Staff to train and share information
  • Install and Configure new hardware devices, such as Scanners, UPS units, Printers, etc.
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