Website features that can be added to your site:

PC Voyage web sites are written in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) code from scratch. The advantage of this method lies in the amazing flexibility of making the web site look and do whatever is needed.

Features not handled by web authoring programs or website templates can thus be added anywhere into your web pages. Your website might have information that can use some of these special methods of presentation to the web visitor.

Browse the following categories, see the various features in action and think of how they might be of use on your website. (The features work with Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers, unless otherwise noted)
  • Picture Displayers and Slide Shows
    • Click here for a Film Strip Scroller that uses the Mouse wheel
    • Click here for a typical Slide Show
  • Clock and Time Displays
    • Click here for a Flash Clock in Web Page
    • Greeting Message with Day, Date and Time of Day
      • Click here for Day, Date and Time Clock Displayed Horizontally
      • Click here for Day, Date and Time Clock Displayed Vertically
  • Text Displays and Scrollers
  • Audio and Video Features
The following web site features can easily be incorporated into your web site:
  • Tables
  • Frames
  • Area Coordinates
  • Forms
  • Lists
  • Dropdown Lists
  • Animated GIFs
  • E-Mail Links
  • WAV and MIDI files
  • Javascript routines for:
    • Mouse-Over Menus
    • Mouse-Over Buttons
    • Date and Time
    • Special Effects (Some Javascript is from On-Line Libraries)
  • Advertising Links
  • PayPay enable your Web Site to accept payments for your small business
  • Password Protected folders
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